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RevManage - Increase Revenue

Adicio offers you the flexibility to manage your site, sales and customer support, or we can do that for you with the CareerCast RevBoost team. RevBoost is a suite of services offered to help you manage your job board business. We know you are busy, and frequently the job board is only part of your business. The RevBoost team will work with you to size your market, establish market penetration and create goals to reach higher revenues with our in-house sales team. The RevBoost team markets and sells for you under your brand. CareerCast RevBoost ensures that you retain your brand even as our team talks with interested advertisers.



Your RevManage Program Increases Revenue Opportunity With These Turn Key Solutions:

RevManage - Increase Revenue

  • Conduct Competitive Market Research
  • Size Your Market to Understand Opportunity and Penetration
  • Recommend Products & Pricing
  • Work Together With You on Sales Goals
  • Identify Sales Leads
  • Collaborate With You to Drive More Traffic
  • Cold Call Lead Lists & Deliver Email Campaigns
  • Manage All eCommerce - Credit Card and Invoice
  • Provide Inbound Sales Support
  • Work Directly With Your Employers To Create Solutions For Their Hiring Needs



Your RevManage Program Simplifies Job Board Management With These Services:

RevManage - Site Administration

  • Manages All Aspects of the Adicio Job Board Software
  • Reports ROI, Sales Performance, Traffic and Other Key Metrics
  • Creates Products and Promotion Codes
  • Designs & Hosts Your Careers Landing Page
  • Designs & Hosts Your Media Kit Page
  • Designs Your Rate Card
  • Verifies Advertiser Credit Worthiness for Invoice Customers
  • Bills Employers and Performs Collections as Needed




Why Media Companies Like You Trust Us

Market Understanding

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the Online Recruitment market as our guide, we continue to lead the industry in releasing cutting-edge features to help customers grow revenue. We understand the market and maintain our platform so that it stays ahead of market demands.



Through thorough research, CareerCast continues to develop new ways to strengthen our position with large advertisers and single posters, which results in repeat posting business and generates repeat visits from job seekers. We use a variety of methods to drive traffic to your site including, but not limited to, leveraging Facebook widgets, implementing strategically placed dynamic listings and employer widgets across your site, banner ad promotions, E-Mail marketing campaigns and the creation of custom content (e.g., targeted JobsRated reports), to promote your jobs and your site.


Dedicated Digital Advertising Sales EffortsRevManage - Your Brand

As part of our partnership, we dedicate Digital Advertising Sales staff to sell on behalf of your brand. Your team focuses on prospecting new business leads as well as strengthening relationships with your existing advertisers. They are constantly looking for new advertisers by leveraging our strong network of current advertisers and taking advantage of social media tools. While new business is very important to your ultimate success, your sales team also focuses on growing revenue from your existing advertiser list. Your sales team scales with the opportunity available in the market, so as the market potential increases, so do the resources dedicated to making sales for your job board.

RevBoost represents your brand to advertisers in the market, so we will work with you to ensure our Digital Advertising Sales staff is fully trained in understanding your market, your position within it and your unique value proposition.


Your Landing Page

RevManage - Mashable.com

We will provide you with a professionally built and hosted landing page with dynamic content pods to which advertisers can choose to upsell (e.g., Featured Jobs, Featured Employer, etc.). The landing page, which will be branded with your logo and color scheme, is designed to promote your brand and provide an easy entry point for both job seekers and advertisers.


Your Media Kit

All RevManage clients are provided with a professionally designed, built and hosted online media kit, which will help your self-service advertisers in making their purchase decisions. The media kit is designed with careful attention to usability (UI/UX). Advertisers can see examples of every upsell that is available on the media kit so they will know exactly what they’re buying.

Your Digital Advertising Sales team follows up with every employer to ensure that we have solved their hiring needs with all available products.



Targeted Marketing E-Mails

As part of our commitment to raise awareness for your job board, we conduct periodic email marketing campaigns targeted to job seekers and employers. The employer-targeted emails include special promotions on certain products from your job board. RevManage clients have found these email campaigns to be very effective in increasing brand awareness and revenues with both employers and job seekers.


Social Media & SEO

Our creative Digital Advertising sales staff understand how to build momentum for your job board. As part of our marketing efforts for your job board, we post new jobs to your job board Twitter account, and place specialized widgets on your Facebook fan page, as well as post the available jobs in a variety of relevant LinkedIn group discussions.

Our configurable SEO tools – like our configurable Page Titles, custom 404 pages and customizable canonical links – ensure your site ranks as high as possible on Google and other search engines. This fine tuning, coupled with the relevant content we will write for you, will help to organically build your job board’s SEO ranking.


Job Distribution

We will distribute your jobs to a variety of job aggregation sites to help increase exposure and response to your employers’ postings.

Facebook Widgets

We drive traffic to your site through your social network with specialized Facebook widgets, including:

  • Listing Search
  • Listing Results
  • Browse Links
  • Featured Advertisers w/ Logos
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