Disability Network

Adicio CareerCast Disability Network helps you find disabled professionals for your job openings.

The Adicio CareerCast Niche Networks have been embraced by many small to medium-sized publishers, thanks to a low cost and simple selling process. The network pricing structure gives each job site nine new product offerings with ample profit margins. Adicio also offers a sales incentive program to help sales teams generate enthusiasm to promote the networks to company recruiters.

Janet Fiore, CEO of Recruit Disability.com, a partner in the new Disability Niche Network, says, “Hiring people with disabilities is a good business move. People with disabilities are often highly motivated to contribute and they bring a new point of view to traditional problem solving.” She adds that new federal regulations will also be a factor in helping companies realize the importance of hiring disabled candidates.

The Adicio CareerCast Disability Jobs Network is where job seekers go to search for disability-friendly or equal opportunity jobs, and to find career information about how to find a rewarding job.

Users can browse our database of jobs, and gain insight into the job market from such reports as our Best Jobs for Candidates with Disabilities.

Take your career to the next level with Adicio CareerCast Disability Network.

How does the Adicio CareerCast Niche Network work?

When an employer buys a placement on your job board, he has the opportunity to upgrade to any Adicio CareerCast Niche Network. You may offer the upgrade as an additional revenue stream on your Adicio job board. As it is a targeted approach, the Adicio CareerCast Niche Network increases the likelihood that the employer will find favorable job candidates and return to your job board with additional business.


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