Veterans Network

Veterans Network helps make the transition easier for our war heroes. 

No one is a harder, better, more efficient worker than a military veteran. Reach out to veterans now through the Adicio CareerCast Veterans Network. With the largest database of U.S. military veterans in the country, Adicio CareerCase Veterans Network will ensure that you have access to thousands of military veterans from all walks of life, with many different skill sets. 

Veterans work for you, now work for them. Nothing is more sad than seeing a military veteran unable to find a job when he or she returns home from combat. By partnering with HireAHero, MilitaryVetJobs, Military1, and many more, Adicio CareerCast Veterans Network has the quantity and quality of veterans you desire to become effective members of your place of employment. The discipline, work ethic, and punctuality a veteran displays at work will be unmatched by other employees.

Productivity is #1. Veterans are some of the most productive members of the U.S. workforce. Coming from hostile situations that force them to think on their feet, problem solve, and get tasks completed, veterans use their life or death experiences to enhance the quality of the products that come out of your workplace.

Stop stressing. Have a task that needs to be completed pronto? Not sure if your other employees can handle the pressure, stress, or intensity of the new project? Hire a veteran. Adicio CareerCast Veterans Network offers a comprehensive package that includes advice and help for veterans so that you do not have to worry about PTSD or other variables that might hinder you from hiring a vet. We do the screening work for you.

Without Armed Forces veterans and other military personnel, the United States would not be what it is today. Often, veterans give up their lives so that we can live ours. Hiring a veteran who recently returned from combat is one of the best decisions you can make. We adhere to Section 503 requirements, so you are covered under the OFCCP. We screen them to ensure that you have the absolute best experience with hiring ex-military personnel at your workplace.

How does the Adicio CareerCast Niche Network work?

When an employer buys a placement on your job board, he has the opportunity to upgrade to any Adicio CareerCast Niche Network. You may offer the upgrade as an additional revenue stream on your Adicio job board. As it is a targeted approach, the Adicio CareerCast Niche Network increases the likelihood that the employer will find favorable job candidates and return to your job board with additional business.


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