Carlsbad, CA (November 5, 2013) -- The job market for candidates with disabilities should improve significantly starting in March of next year, thanks to the U.S. Department of Labor’s “Final Rule”, according to a new report on the best jobs for disabled candidates.

The Final Rule is an amendment to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act meant to promote the hiring of applicants with disabilities by government contractors and subcontractors.

“The new regulations are key to improving the nation’s employment outlook by lowering the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “If U.S. companies meet the goal of expanding their workforces so that 7% of their employees are disabled, there should be a huge increase in the hiring of disabled workers.”

The types of jobs that will be created by the new regulations likely will be in office environments, such as accounting, financial planning and STEM careers. Technology is also a crucial foundation to improved employment prospects. Advancements in workplace tools are one of the central components to increased hiring of workers with disabilities, while the other is changing attitudes.

In health care, the pharmaceutical industry is one path to jobs for seekers with disabilities. Pharmaceutical companies work with such job placement organizations as Goodwill Industries to place applicants in such positions as pharmacy technician and pharmaceutical sales representative.

When reviewing the best jobs for candidates with disabilities, the job of vocational counselor ranks highly. They typically have a unique understanding of the challenges faced by disabled job seekers and are uniquely suited to guide applicants through the process.

Similarly, workers with disabilities have unparalleled insight to provide companies guidance as management consultants and market research analysts to help organizations better tailor their workplace, products and services for the disabled community.

Below are the 10 top jobs for people with disabilities, according to the 2013 Jobs Rated report.


-          Median Annual Income: $63,550


-          Median Annual Income: $76,950

-          Median Annual Income: $78,600


-          Median Annual Income: $60,300


-          Median Annual Income: $56,620


-          Median Annual Income: $29,300


-          Median Annual Income: $90,930

-          Median Annual Income: $85,43


-          Median Annual Income: $53,610


-          Median Annual Income: $74,970

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