Classified Job Boards Can Now Better Monetize Job Seeker Traffic and Candidate Resumes

CARLSBAD, CA (March 29, 2012) – Job-board software leader, Adicio, announced two new revenue generation tools today for clients using its job-board platform: Job Seeker Upgrades and Pay Per Candidate. Many job boards have failed to monetize job seeker traffic. Adicio’s new Job Seeker Upgrade widget requires no live support and gives the job seeker a powerful tool to promote the visibility of their resume. There are three levels of visibility for the job seeker and they generate revenue ranging from $1 to $50 per resume for job boards that implement this tool.

The massive amount of un-monetized job seeker traffic offers a significant opportunity for any job board eager to grow revenue in this highly competitive employer advertising market.

In addition to greater visibility with prospective employers, the Job Seeker Upgrade demonstrates a job seeker’s willingness and confidence to invest in themselves and their personal brand. This upsell tool allows classified managers to, according to one Adicio client, “Set it and forget it!” The automated tool requires little administration and creates revenue almost instantly. Suggested pricing strategies vary by market, but since there is virtually no cost for the widget, the classified website enjoys a 100% margin.

The Pay Per Candidate widget, on the other hand allows classified managers to monetize a dormant resume database. “Amazingly, many classified managers either give away resume access or sell it with unlimited access. Our Pay Per Candidate technology makes it so enticing for advertisers to peek into a candidate database that they’ll be happy to pay for more once they see how good it is,” says Nomi Malik, Sales Engineer for Adicio. The Pay Per Candidate widget allows classified job boards to sell resume views in packages of any size. The technology still allows the classified manager to give an employer full access, but it isn’t recommended.

“Your candidate database is your most valued commodity,” says Malik. Employers receive demo access to the database but job seeker contact info remains hidden. After signing up, the employer’s views are automatically deducted from the resume package they purchased. Employers can track how many resume views remain. One significant benefit for employers with tight advertising budgets is that with Pay Per Candidate, they can purchase only the resumes they need to fill the position.

Both of these automated, easy-to-use tools gives Adicio classified job board clients two new revenue streams at the flip of a switch. The setup for Job Seeker Upgrades and Pay Per Candidate is taken care of by the client’s account manager. Once it’s set up, there’s nothing else for the client to do. There are no setup fees and there is no minimum sales volume requirement.

About Adicio, Inc.
Adicio, Inc. is well known for its user friendly, technologically advanced job board solutions. With the job board technology at its foundation, the company develops interactive classified advertising software solutions for the careers, real estate and motors markets. Its award-winning technology and enterprise-class software platforms fuels Adicio’s ability to deliver a private-label application that seamlessly integrates within online classified advertising offerings, enabling clients to generate revenue and retain their brand while building and managing their online classified efforts. Clients can deploy Adicio’s job board software, real estate platform or motors platform as a turnkey solution.

Clients can easily customize Adicio’s application to leverage existing brand strategy and support online sales and marketing objectives. Adicio also powers the award winning, Best-of-The-Web job search portal and, where 200 jobs across North America are ranked based on detailed analysis of specific careers factors.