Features Increase Job Seeker and Employer Usability and Deliver New Revenue Streams

CARLSBAD, CA, USA/AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS (March 22, 2011) – Adicio Inc., the leading provider of interactive classified advertising software solutions for media companies, announced new enhanced search features designed to increase usability and revenue opportunities for Adicio’s Careers clients. New features include faceted search, streaming updates, enhanced location search, additional spotlight listings, a new design and layout for search results, and search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements.

The Adicio search engine is an integral part of its Careers platform, giving Adicio the flexibility to upgrade, customize and scale client search interface and features as markets and technology evolve, without hidden third-party costs. Adicio Careers clients can easily configure and customize Search Facets to create a completely branded user experience on their Search Form, Search Results and Listing Detail pages using CSS.

“Building upon our core technology of intelligent search tools, our faceted search enables users to perform simple to complex searches and drill down to relevant listings quickly and easily without having to run a completely new search,” said Rick Miller, CEO and President at Adicio. “We use full text keyword searching based on semantic search and equivalencies including synonyms, categories and location to find job listings, guaranteeing that users get the most comprehensive search results, a distinct competitive advantage for our clients.”

New features include:

  •     Faceted Search Filter: Job seekers can refine or expand their searches. Multi-select options within the filter give users one click access to perform new searches. Users can update results dynamically without having to run a new search. Keyword searches are enhanced with intelligent equivalencies so the Adicio Careers platform does all the work on behalf of job seekers. Adicio’s search uses synonyms, categories and location, delivering relevant jobs on the first page of search results, saving job seekers valuable time and effort.
  •     Streaming Updates: Employer listings are published within an hour of the job posting, enabling job seekers to access new listings faster.
  •     Enhanced Location Search: Single location search box with automatically suggested text so job seekers don’t have to worry about the exact spelling of a location. Enhanced radius search allows job seekers to search by city, state/province, country, zip/postal code, specific address or well known area, such as the ”Silicon Valley” or “Wall Street.”
  •     Spotlight Listings Carousel: Clients can showcase listings in a carousel that automatically scrolls every 10 seconds, so employers and recruiters have more visibility. In fact, clients can completely customize the number of spotlight listings that display per page based on their site’s design. Seekers can also use back and next buttons to manually scroll through the results.
  •     Additional Sort By Options: Sort By options now include a “Featured First”. This option enables clients to position advertiser featured listings at the top of the search results, just under the Spotlight Listings, giving them the ability to offer an additional upsell to advertisers who are looking to further expand their reach. Users can also sort their search results by Relevance, Newest First, Distance, Job Title and Company Name.
  •     New Design and Layout for Search Results: Improves job seeker usability and navigation while enabling clients to completely customize the layout and extend their brand. Clients can also create a tailored user experience without paying additional fees for custom development.
  •     Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO improvements designed to help drive more traffic to client’s sites and help boost their search engine page rankings. Features include Search Engine Friendly URLs, cross-linking of similar jobs and relevant Meta data that can be customized for their local markets.

"Adicio's new Spotlight Listings Carousel gives us an even greater opportunity to generate revenue by expanding advertiser visibility," said Chad Henderson, Advertising Operations Coordinator, Tulsa World. "We are even more pleased with the more frequent hourly updates that allow us to make and see changes on the platform much faster."

About Adicio, Inc.

Adicio develops interactive classified advertising software solutions for the careers, real estate, and motors markets, which serve the Internet’s leading media companies and web portals. With its award-winning technology and enterprise-class software platforms, domain expertise, and customer service, Adicio delivers a private-label application that seamlessly integrates within online classified advertising offerings, enabling clients to generate revenue and retain their brand while building and managing their online classified efforts. Clients can deploy Adicio’s software as a turnkey solution or customize Adicio’s application to leverage existing brand strategy and support online sales and marketing objectives. Adicio also powers CareerCast.com, a job search portal and JobsRated.com, where 200 jobs across North America are ranked based on detailed analysis of specific careers factors.