Carlsbad, CA (June 6, 2016) – Adicio, the leader in classifieds innovation, today announced an expedited program to help current SimplyHired platform partners efficiently transition to a new platform.  With the major announcement this past week that SimplyHired will be shutting down at the end of the month, Adicio is offering to waive set-up fees and expedite launch of new sites in as quickly as 1-2 weeks.

“We understand how difficult it must be to hear your partner is closing their doors within 30 days.  We want to make this transition fast and simple for these job boards. We will accelerate the migration and waive startup fees so these job boards powered by SimplyHired will not lose customers or revenue.” said Rick Miller, CEO, Adicio.

Adicio can provide SimplyHired clients more options than any other software platform to build their revenue and traffic through CareerCast network upsells, social media broadcast, job distribution and match alerts all with one click.  The CareerCast RevBoost program is a complete turnkey careers solution offering outbound sales, marketing, technology and support to help grow revenue fast and easy.

About Adicio:

With over 18 years of experience launching 1000+ websites and driving more than 50 million visitors to our clients, Adicio’s feature rich applications has made them one of the world’s most sought- after providers of SaaS white- label software for all four verticals: careers, real estate, motors and general classifieds.  Adicio has helped associations, newspapers, trade publications and many other media companies around the globe grow their online businesses. 

About CareerCast:

The CareerCast job portal provides Adicio clients with traffic and unique editorial content attracting over 2 million unique visitors each month and features a range of niche networks targeting categories such as diversity, disability, veterans, healthcare, nursing, IT/engineering, trucking, finance/legal, energy/green, part-time, hospitality, sales, construction, HR/recruiter and more.

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