Cloud Based White Label

SAAS Benefits: The Adicio Difference

Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions are deployed across thousands of clients and are accessed via the Internet. A SAAS software provider creates one platform to serve thousands of clients. Adicio has architected its SAAS solution to be configurable for clients. We understand that no two clients are alike, even in the same market - or especially in the same market, since every client wants to differentiate themselves from the competition. Frequently the SAAS solution is more customizable via switches and configuration settings and much more stable than a custom development house because the software serves thousands of clients in many industries.

Adicio takes into account client requests for customizations and will evaluate the requirements to determine if it benefits the entire platform. Frequently the requests are already on the roadmap and can be re-prioritized based on customer demand. If the required feature is not on the roadmap, Adicio works with the client to determine an ROI on the feature and discuss the overall benefit compared to other road-mapped items.

Adicio has dedicated resources for building out new features and an array of clients to provide feedback on enhancing existing features, which benefit all clients. Adicio clients are part of an elite community that benefits from the collaborative resources of all participating clients.

In addition to the collaborative efforts and dedicated resources, our clients benefit from frequent (bi-weekly) releases with new products, feature upgrades and patches to improve platform performance. This is the biggest differentiator between the custom development house and the Adicio SAAS Platform. When a custom solution is built, upgrades are not automatic and new product features must be requested and paid for by the client with the custom solution.

From an ROI perspective, the Adicio solution offers more features, options and upgrades at a lower cost because the cost for building out new features is distributed across the client base. From a stability perspective, the Adicio SAAS platform offers a better solution with regression testing and QA to ensure uninterrupted service for all clients. From a scalability perspective, the Adicio platform offers unlimited opportunity to build out your digital strategy in a meaningful way without any concern for hitting limits as you grow your business. The Adicio platform is designed to handle thousands of clients, so the growth of any single client would be a fraction of total capacity and handled seamlessly by the Adicio infrastructure.

Brand Ownership: The Power of White-Label Solutions

Adicio Clients have control over their market and flexibility through the power of a white-label solution which offers the following benefits:

  • You Control the Brand and Local Market Audience
  • You Control the Sale and Maintain the Relationship with the Advertiser
  • You Control and Book 100% of the Revenue
  • You Keep the Traffic on Your Site
  • You Control the Product & Pricing Model
  • You Own the Advertising and Consumer Data
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