Feed Processing

Adicio has a sophisticated feed processing system, and can process both incremental and complete replace feeds of listings into your ad database.  Our system is capable of processing feeds of over 1 million records to feeds from your print system and individual advertisers.

Feeds can greatly simplify the process of building your online ad listings database and enable you to generate additional revenue by upselling enhancements for ad listings delivered via feeds.  

Adicio has more than 15 years of experience working with newspapers and media companies with a wide range of print systems, many of which have limited ability to support and export fielded data.  Adicio's feed specification is closely related to the standard XML exports of most classifieds systems.  But don't worry, if you can't provide a feed that meets our specifications, we'll use our advanced technology to process the feed you are able to provide, including Excel and .CSV formats.

By using our automated web account technology we can automatically email your advertisers that their listings have been processed online, and drive your advertisers to your website to upsell their online listings to encourage more response.  Adicio offers many online upsells such as Spotlight, Featured, Icon and Bold that all increase online ad visibility and response for the online ad.

Our newest upsells for our Careers digital advertising platform include a variety of niche job board upsells that allow for targeted response within the jobs niche categories.  Some of the most popular niches are the Diversity, Veterans and Disability job boards that help advertisers with OFCCP compliance.

Adico has partnered with most of the main Job Advertiser Distributors (JAD) in the industry to provide you with another revenue opportunity and to give your Careers advertisers another way to quickly add jobs to your site.  

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