Adicio's leading edge matching technology reduces the amount of time your advertisers spend looking for the right candidate.  MatchCast matches jobs against the resumes in your candidate database and automatically engages relevant candidates to solicit responses to your advertiser's job listings. 

MatchCast leverages our advanced search technology and uses various criteria in the job such as job title, description and requirements to pinpoint the best candidates based on job seeker resume qualifications and skills.  What makes our matching technology superior is our ability to match similar keywords and phrases within industries and skill sets (sometimes referred to as semantic search).  This approach matches the most relevant candidate to your advertisers' jobs without human intervention so your advertisers get an immediate response and you get continual traffic and interaction with your site from job seekers.

Once the MatchCast upsell is applied to the job, job seekers with matched qualifications receive an automated email notification that invites the prospective candidate to review and apply for the listed positions that they are interested in.  

Detailed reporting is available to employers and recruiters showing the candidates that matched the job requirements and showing which candidates have already applied.  Links are provided to each public resume of all matched candidates.

Using MatchCast improves your advertisers' ability to reach relevant candidates quickly.  It drives job seeker traffic back to your site to apply for jobs, increases traffic to your site and increases response for your advertisers which leads to advertiser satisfaction and retention.

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