Content Filters & Fraud Protection

Adicio's Site Administration tools are a robust set of business management tools that simplify the job of running your digital advertising platforms.

Each platform comes with a content filter tool that allows you to easily specify the words and phrases in listings that you want to review and approve prior to the listings appearing on your site.  

And one other benefit of the Content Filter tool is that you can protect your site from fraud.  Adicio has years of experience with fraudulent transactions in digital advertising, and what we have discovered is that most fraud in digital advertising occurs when the advertiser's email is not from an actual company but from @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, etc. Our Content Filter is designed to put listings with advertising accounts from these domains in a status that requires your approval before going live.

When you choose Adicio, you choose a powerful backend tool set that comes with years and years of expertise to simplify the running of your digital advertising websites.

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