Job Boards 2016 - Where are we and where are we going next?

In this 20 minute webinar we will discuss the changes in recruitment advertising and how job seekers will search for jobs in 2016. You will learn what is important in the upcoming year to make more revenue and increase your response. Regardless of which careers technology platform powers your recruitment advertising website, we can help you with the tools you will need to succeed in 2016.

Carlsbad, CA (January 7, 2016) – Job's With Personal Danger Top CareerCast's 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2016.

Stress is inherent in many careers but professions with an element of personal danger top CareerCast's 2016 most stressful jobs list. Coming in at number one, enlisted military personnel face many of the stress factors examined by CareerCast, including physical demands, perilous conditions, and personal risk.

Carlsbad, CA (January 4, 2016) – CareerCast Makes Headlines Again as CIO Magazine's #5 Social Media Job Board Site

According to CIO Magazine,, The go to website for job seekers is now the go to social media site for job seekers too! which is known for it's award winning content for both job seekers and employers with it's Jobs Rated Reports is getting more recognition these days in social media.  CareerCast has a dedicated team of social media experts that have created a rich job seeker experience through social media.  The site focuses on relevant content for job seekers, not just a list of jobs, but information that is relevant and timely.  With all the trends pointing towards Millenials searching for jobs using mobile devices and social media CareerCast has successfully built an audience that targets the job seeker and delivers results for employers posting to the sites powered by Adicio. 

CEO Rick Miller stated, "We are thrilled to be ranked at #5 and have big plans to be #1 soon. was built to drive traffic to sites powered by Adicio, Inc. as one of the key benefits of being an Adicio client, and a key differentiator for Adicio, Inc."

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